Overthrow of Diem
Diem assassinated
Diem in 1963 was beginning to lose Americas trust in the ability to be able to keep control in Vietnam. The death of Diem caused celebration among many people in South Vietnam, but also lead to political chaos. After the assassination of Diem America became much more involved in the different aspects of Vietnam. The United States claimed that they didn’t have any knowledge of or participation in the planning of the overthrow of Diem, it was later revealed that American officials met with the generals who organized the plot and gave them approval and encouragement to go through with their plans. This signaled that America had a growing impatience for the management of War in Vietnam. After this America took massive steps to be involved in the fight against Vietnam.

The effect that the assassination had on America was incredible. With Diem now out of the picture America could focus on what they wanted to accomplish in Vietnam. Get rid of communism. Diem was attempting to do this but because of his dictator-like ways he was unable to accomplish it fully, he in fact made the communist movement stronger in a way. With Diem being assassinated though it also made it easy for the communist movement in Northern Vietnam want to come down and take over quickly without America knowing, but this was unrealistic for North Vietnam. American forces would eventually come in and fight against communism.

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