Battle of Ia DrangWas a series of engagements between the US 1st Cavalry Division (Airbourne) and the B-3 Front, North Vietnamese Army (NVA). Many considered it to be the US Army's first battle in Vietnam. It was certainly the first battle of the US division operating under of field force headquarters and three NVA regiments operating under a front headquarters. It may also have been the last battle between NVA and US forces when the forces were of equal size.
Soldiers exiting a helicopter during the Battle for Ia Drang Valley

The battle of Ia Drang marked a shift for the NVA from dependence solely on Viet Cong forces to the use of conventional military forces in order to achieve victory. For the United States, it marked the beginning of direct massive involvement in ground combat operations, it also marked a test of the heliborne air mobility tactics that would become a pivotal part of American involvement in the Vietnam War.

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